Label of the Week: A beer that invites us into a Brave New World!

Label of the Week: A beer that invites us into a Brave New World!

We are entering a new era, or as our friends say, a “Brave New World”! And with a beer and label design this good, we couldn’t agree more!

This week’s feature goes to Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. and their first-ever NEIPA!

This delicious brew has been tantalizing taste buds at their brewery since day 1, and people can’t get enough! To such an extent, they made it available on store shelves right away.

Their brewer Bryan Major is behind this juicy, perfectly balanced beer hit! Hopped with Idaho 7, Citra and El Dorado, you can instantly taste fresh tropical fruit flavours like orange, guava and papaya gently paired with hints of melon, mango, eucalyptus and pine. Can we have some right now, please?

And to put a bow on it (or should we say a label), Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. chose no other than Tyler Keeton Robbins to put together this extremely eye-catching design that invites us to venture into this “Brave New World” with style.

In this new world - custom label design matters more than ever!

Good design is all around us, and custom label design is no exception.

Whether we realize it or not, the labels we see daily play a big role in our lives. They help us identify the products we use and can influence our perceptions of those products. For businesses, custom label design can be a powerful marketing tool.

A well-designed label can make a product more appealing to consumers and help to boost sales. At the same time, a poorly designed (or printed) label can negatively affect a company and turn potential customers away.

Our friends at Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. know this well. Their creative approach to custom-label design is as noteworthy as their craft beers. They work with talented local artists to create custom labels that go beyond their purpose and become something more - an awe-inspiring experience!

Like this NEIPA - Brave New World custom label, the results of this approach have been truly amazing!

In today’s competitive marketplace, getting your custom labels right is top of the list. With our design support, you can make your products achieve the look they deserve.

The unknown of a new world brings exciting new opportunities and experiences.

Some of the best things, though, like enjoying great beer and food with friends, thankfully stay the same. For Vice & Virtue Brewing Co, that’s how it all started and what makes them such an incredible place to visit!

If you are in the Okanagan, or you’ll go there soon, don’t miss out on the chance to stop by. You will find great tap beer flowing, like their NEIPA - Brave New World, and you can order mouthwatering food too!

Visit Vice & Virtue Brewing Co's online site to learn more about them and browse their incredible beer options.

Thanks to Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. for choosing us as their printing partner; we can’t wait to see what’s next!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s feature. See you next week!

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