Label of the Week : A quarter-century-long journey of bringing us the best from around the world!

Label of the Week : A quarter-century-long journey of bringing us the best from around the world!

Many people share the belief in pursuing their passions tirelessly, but only a select few truly excel. Allow us to introduce a team that needs no introduction – Bean Around the World. Their coffee beans and diverse flavors hail from across the globe, but their unwavering dedication and stringent quality standards are truly out of this world!

Meet the visionaries behind it all: Pete Boëda and Barney McKenzie. They've embarked on a 25-year-long adventure, traveling extensively and meticulously curating beans from the world's finest sources. Their mission? To offer you not only the finest beans and a delicious cup of coffee but a complete sensory experience.

The Science of Color Matching: What Happens Behind the Scenes?

When it comes to custom label printing, achieving precise colors is a complex endeavor. Additionally, some hues present greater printing challenges, making color matching an indispensable part of the printing process. But how intricate can it be? Well, let's offer a concise explanation:

Color matching extends beyond selecting and printing the right shades. Crafting your labels involves a process that combines various materials and technologies to realize your desired outcomes. Here's why it's a nuanced process:

Materials: Even if you're using the same ink color, it may appear differently on various materials. For instance, a blue tone on White Bopp might look distinct when printed on glossy paper. To address this, we assign a color profile and strategy to each material, depending on the printing press we intend to use.

Technologies: Printing encompasses numerous components, and each interpreting and reproducing colours differently. For instance, your display might use an RGB colour system, mixing red, green, and blue to create a specific shade. In contrast, standard printers rely on a CMYK system (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow), with inks absorbing portions of the light spectrum to produce varying tones.

Taking colour gamut to the next level, there's CMYKOV (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Orange, and Violet), offering vivid and detailed images with exceptional brilliance. And if that's not enough, we also work with a 7-colour set: CMYKOVG (adding G for Green).

But you know what? Leave this to us! When it comes to colour matching and printing any colour you can envision, we possess cutting-edge technology and a team of experts to bring your desired results to life. Simply submit your artwork, and let's get started!

Are you interested in becoming a partner or having your custom label featured? Feel free to email us at with the subject line "FeatureMyLabel," and we'll be delighted to review your request!"