Label of the Week: Taste the history of Shaketown

Label of the Week: Taste the history of Shaketown
Old meets new as history flows through every pint at this brewery.

Shaketown Brewing Co. honours the proud heritage of its past. It takes pride in the values of the small town and the community that give them life. Beyond the legendary beer they produce, Shaketown celebrates the variety of life in beautiful North Vancouver while honouring its origins and foundations.

These excellent brews are brought to you by the men and women making the most authentic craft beer. Their variety of styles ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Shaketown’s goal is to make great beer for great people - and so far, they have been doing just that!

Shaketown Brewing Co. is a prime example of how the newest generation of breweries has been coming up with some serious design concepts. They’re also not afraid to innovate on their packaging, and Custom Bopp Labels are the vehicle for this innovation! Keep reading below to learn how they did it.

Shaketown Brewing Co. brews reflect the unique stories and character of North Vancouver, like their Metallic Bopp labels reflect their awesome designs.

These Metallic Bopp Labels are not just like any other Custom Product Label; they’re a novel and ultra-modern way to promote beer or any other can beverage. The metal finish reflects light and catches people’s attention very efficiently. Plus, it gives the beer can label a unique style.

A special effect was applied to these custom labels with our spot gloss finishing. On one hand, the name of the beer (i.e. The pre-prohibition pilsner) was nicely highlighted. On the other hand, the metallic film got a cool darker effect. This special effect was achieved with our latest printing techniques:

Step 1: We printed digitally all over the glossy metallic film.

Step 2: Did an extra glossy varnish over the spot area (the name).

Step 3: Did a negative matte spot everywhere else.

The result: Labelling Magic.

Shaketown’s designs are also incredibly dazzling and engaging. They give a great first impression, but they also tell an interesting and entertaining story. Shaketown’s Custom Labels are an excellent example of how to make your labels multipurpose and enhance your customers’ experience.

You as well, can get everyone’s attention on your products with the latest technology and highest quality materials. Tell us about your project today!

Next time you are in the North Shore, take a moment to enjoy a beer at Shaketown
Brewing Co. and appreciate all the effort that went into making it taste so good.

Thirsty for something new (and old)? Meet their core beers:

Kveik IPA, 6%, IBU: 40 - Fresh cut pineapple and tropical fruit lead into notes of citrus and pear, with a dry, slightly bitter finish.
Leicht-Bier, 3%, IBU: 18 - Aromas of grass and a subtle malt sweetness. Flavours of honey and bread lead into an amazingly crisp finish.
Golden Ale, 4%, IBU: 20 - Aromas of apricot, ripe apple and biscuits. The body is dry and smooth with a mild bitterness and light acidity.
Pre-Prohibition Pilsner, 5%, IBU: 35 - Notes of citrus and herbs round out to a subtle earthy finish with a hint of sweetness.
Itty Bitty IPA, 3.5%, IBU: 30 - Expect aromas of guava and citrus with lingering flavours of raspberry and white grape.
Kveik Wheat Beer, 4%, IBU: 13 - Golden, unfiltered wheat beer with sweet orange blossom and honeydew melon notes on the nose. The mouthfeel is smooth and full of citrus with a hint of strawberry.

In addition to these fantastic brews, Shaketown is also known for its warm and
welcoming atmosphere. The staff is always happy to chat with customers and help them find the perfect beer for their taste. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favourite brewery or a visitor just passing through, stop by Shaketown for an unforgettable experience.

You can find them at: 288 East Esplanade Ave. #105, North Vancouver, BC.

Or check their website here.

By the way... don’t forget to stay tuned for the next Ep. of this Custom Product Label series. Until then!

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