Labeling bread and pastry – a quick guide

Labeling bread and pastry – a quick guide

Today we would like to feature one of our clients - Garden City Bakery and share some of the insights on the labeling of bread and pastry products.

Many people will agree that living near one of the bakeries is very convenient. Their delicious aromas, as well as a friendly greeting inside the bakery, go a long way toward creating an inviting and welcoming environment. Garden City Bakery has proudly served British Columbia for over 20 years.

They provide Kosher-certified baked goods to retail outlets, synagogues, and Jewish functions across the province. And their famous bread has spread far beyond the boundaries of the British Columbia region and is now shipped almost anywhere Kosher baked goods are required! However, if you live in Richmond, BC, you can always enjoy their delectable baked goods at a local bakery.

Give Your Branding the Love it Kneads

There is a wide variety of packaging to choose from when you deal with baked goods such as bread and pastries. All of these different types of packaging need the selection of labeling or marking technology that best meets the demands of the industry, the manufacturer, and, of course, the customer.

We need to mention that baked goods are subject to strict regulations because the coding and labeling systems integrated into the production line come into contact with food. Additionally, consumer-friendly marking and labeling are required to ensure security and transparency.

How does labeling baked goods and pastry work?

Labeling bread or pastries is more than just a marketing strategy. The label's role in identifying the product is critical. The name of the brand, its ingredients, nutritional information, and where it was produced is typically found on bread and pastry labels. In the absence of the aforementioned information, supermarkets or other distribution channels may refuse to sell the producer's products. That is why, in order to meet the industry's stringent requirements, production managers pay close attention to potential labeling errors.

From an application standpoint, labeling baked goods can be difficult. Because of the freshness of the products, bread, and pastries are usually labeled by hand. Automatic or semi-automatic labeling systems are preferred for applying labels in plastic bags, carton boxes, and jars in the case of industrial baked goods or high-volume production. But with the automating labeling process, producers can increase productivity, maximize efficiency, ensure consumer safety, and ensure product traceability throughout the supply chain.

Packaging bags with bakery labels

On a weekday, you'll see a lot of people with happy faces carrying these bakery bags down the street. They're probably looking forward to the moment when they enjoy their purchased goods. Packaging bags have plenty of room for adding a bakery label. BOPP comes in handy, providing the best resistance to heat, water, oil, tearing, and smudge. The labels are easy to apply and will not come off.

Bakery labels on a clear packaging

A clear package is sometimes the best way to display and store a baked good.

It allows the customer to see the product clearly, and to be able to test the product's consistency and freshness. Because of that, this type of packaging has a high advantage.

But before entering the shopping cart, your product has to attract attention and provide all the necessary information. That is when your bakery steps into the game, being a critical element to the shelf life of your products.

With good resistance and a wide range of color and design options, our bakery labels are an excellent tool for getting your products to the register.

Ready to place your order for bakery labels?

Altro Labels has 30 years of expertise and thousands of satisfied customers. We provide a wide range of labels for a wide range of items.

We can make any pattern, shape, or color you can imagine! Are you ready to place your order for bakery labels?

Altro Labels has 30 years of expertise and thousands of satisfied customers. We provide a wide range of labels for a wide range of items.

We can make any pattern, shape, color, finish, and material you can imagine! Feel free to reach out to with any questions.