On Thursday October 24th Altro Labels was the host of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce’s “Business After Five” event. This very successful gathering, gave us a great opportunity to meet with a group of business community leaders in North Vancouver and allowed us to assess the potentials of growth within our local community.

(North Vancouver Chamber Of Commerce) At Altro Labels Oct 2019

Event started with a short introduction of our business by Ata Naemi, managing director of Altro Labels. Ata talked about the main motivation that led to establishment of Altro Labels. He mentioned dealing with other label suppliers in his other businesses he noticed that their turnaround times were way too long and he felt that there is a great opportunity to fill this gap by a company that can provide a very high quality product at a fraction of the time other companies could do.

He also talked about the 35 years of his family history in the label industry. Jay Harrison was the guest speaker, and following Ata’s talk, he talked about the importance of printing in our daily lives and how the print media has maintained its relevance in over 5 centuries.

After the presentations, participants visited our production facility and our staff presented the production processes that we use to produce the highest quality labels in the province.

Event ended at 8 PM

(North Vancouver Chamber Of Commerce) At Altro Labels Oct 2019