The Ultimate Guide to Keg Collars: Elevating Your Craft Beer Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Keg Collars: Elevating Your Craft Beer Experience

Craft beer has taken the world by storm, offering beer enthusiasts a wide array of flavors and styles to enjoy. While the taste and quality of the beer itself are essential, there's more to a great brew than meets the eye. Keg collars - the often overlooked but crucial element in the craft beer experience. In today’s blog, we will delve into the world of keg collars, exploring their importance, functionality, and benefits. Whether you're a brewer, a beer lover, or simply curious, this article will shed light on why keg collars are an essential part of the craft beer industry.

Understanding Keg Collars

Keg collars, also known as keg tags, are essential identification labels commonly used in the brewing industry. Made of durable PP Tag or Stone Paper Tag material, these tags are securely attached to the neck of beer kegs. Their primary purpose is to provide crucial information about the beer inside, including brand name, beer style, alcohol by volume (ABV), keg size, and production or expiration dates. By assisting inventory management, keg collars ensure that the right beer is distributed to wholesalers and retailers.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities

Beyond their functional aspects, keg collars offer breweries valuable marketing and branding opportunities. These tags act as mini canvases for creativity, allowing brewers to showcase their unique branding elements, logos, and designs. Eye-catching keg collars provide essential information to wholesalers and retailers, creating brand recognition and loyalty. Furthermore, breweries can use keg collars to promote limited edition or seasonal brews, driving anticipation and excitement among beer enthusiasts.

Tailor Your Keg Collar Design to Suit Your Production Requirements

It's important to recognize that each brewery's needs can vary significantly from one another. These specific demands play a pivotal role in determining the ideal keg collar design, particularly when it comes to identifying the beer within the keg. There are several distinct avenues you can explore with your design:

  • Integrate an empty area where the beer name and date can be handwritten.
  • Incorporate a list of multiple beer options, complete with checkboxes for flagship selections.
  • Develop multiple keg collar designs, each featuring dedicated beers printed directly on them.

If you expect to have enough volume for a flagship beer and can use dedicated keg collars, it will enhance your branding with a professional touch. On the other hand, opting for a blank space offers greater flexibility, making it the simplest choice. Each approach has its own merits, so ensure that your keg collar design revolves around fulfilling your specific requirements.


Keg collars may be small, but their impact on the craft beer industry is significant. From providing essential information and marketing opportunities, these unassuming tags play a vital role in enhancing the craft beer experience for brewers. As the craft beer scene continues to thrive, it's crucial to appreciate the value of keg collars and their contributions to the overall enjoyment of a well-crafted brew. Cheers!

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