Episode 15 Label of the Week: Female-led company that finds solutions

Episode 15 Label of the Week: Female-led company that finds solutions

Is your label over-performing? In Altro Labels we’ve always been advocates for choosing labels that reach the highest quality standards. But not every label needs the highest-grade materials.

And this week's feature is with our brand partner - Wildeye Brewing. Let's discover how Samantha Lindeman - the founder, come up with a creative way to cut the price of the labels for her brand. Stay “tuned” and we are going to show you examples of efficiency and creative problem-solving skills that can save your brand extra costs.

When life gives you lemons…

It would be difficult to overstate Samantha Linderman’s impact on craft beer in North Vancouver and, indeed, Canada. But it didn’t come all that easy. She knows from her own experience that hard times can appear at any moment.

As Samantha Lindeman opened her brewery in 2019, she immediately faced the great challenge of the pandemic cutting revenue in big time.

But not compromising on the quality of the product and through hard work she gained great recognition for her brews and took it to the next level.

Stay True to Yourself

Wildeye Brewing knew how their things needed to look. But opening yourself up to suggestions could result in considerable savings. Perhaps you have the same problem as Wildeye, and your label is just a bit outside of commonly tooled dimensions. So, what to do now?

As your labels come off the press, how they are cut can have a significant impact on cost. But what if I tell you, that you don’t even need to worry about extra costs that will be applied to your desired size of the label?

And the solution to this lies in printing your label on a clear film. This technology will help you to save on the extra cost that comes with ordering a custom die cut plate for your label. You can stay true to yourself, and not worry about fitting yourself to certain standards.

In addition to that, you can reach an expensive metallic look without actually paying for a foil application. To achieve great quality without paying extra, Wildeye Brewing has its labels printed on our clear film that once you place it on the metallic beer can, can bring to all your colors a great shining look. With white underlay and knockout design techniques you can achieve the metallic/non-metallic design look all digitally.

Still wondering how it works? Feel free to reach out to us or visit Altro Labels website to learn more.

As things are going back to normal there is no doubt that Award-winning - Samantha Linderman will impress the province with even more amazing tastes.

Get your car keys, your wallet, and feel free to visit Wildeye Brewing in the heart of Lonsdale.

Are you a partner? Do you have a custom label that you would like us to feature? Send us an email at ghena@altrolabels.com with the subject line "FeatureMyLabel", and we'll be happy to take a look!