Simple guidelines on how to perfectly label candle jars

Simple guidelines on how to perfectly label candle jars

According to a recent study, 93% of all first impressions are influenced by design. Consider this scenario: you're browsing the candle section at your favorite home shop, surrounded by various brands and scents. As you reach out to pick up a candle jar and take a whiff, ask yourself, why did you choose that specific brand? Chances are, it was the packaging that caught your eye. It's human nature, so to speak, to judge a book by its cover. And when it comes to candles, the design of the label plays a crucial role in capturing attention and influencing purchasing decisions.

Candles are still popular

In recent years, candle consumption has become increasingly popular in various settings, including luxury restaurants, beauty salons, and fashion clubs. However, it is in our favorite home shops where scented candles have truly thrived. These delightful products can now be found adorning the shelves of almost every home shop, offering individuals the opportunity to create a pleasant, cozy, and beautifully scented environment in their own homes. The use of scented candles to enhance the ambiance and create an inviting atmosphere has gained significant popularity among homeowners and candle enthusiasts alike.

With a wide range of candles available on the market, from big manufacturers to independent designers, current trends are driving the expansion of this industry. It not only has a calming impact on people's brains, but it also produces an attractive atmosphere.

Step 1: Include basic facts and information regarding your candle company

In order to stand out from your competition you want to make sure that your company name and logo are visible, and on the candle label's front and center. They are the most crucial elements to the growth of your business. In this way, your target market will link your brand with your distinctive offering.

Also, when developing a candle label, it is critical to include all additional essential information about your product that a consumer would need to know. This includes the candle or scent name, any information such as item weight or candle burn duration on candle labels, and if you wish, a brief description of the candle's aroma or a list of the components.

Step 2: Explore a color scheme

Candle labels should be straightforward and appealing. The use of color will assist a buyer in rapidly identifying it among various variations. Although it can be a great idea to start mixing colors to help separate yourself from the competition but make sure you have a strong alternative piece of branding in place to prevent confusing potential clients.

Avoid using bright or harsh colors since customers will not link them with a soothing or tranquil experience.

Step 3: Include warning labels

While it is critical to create an eye-catching and visually beautiful label, you should also include any needed safety information. When it comes to candles, this involves having directions for safe burning as well as a "burn within sight" caution. Typically, candle producers will put this information on a separate label attached to the back or bottom of the candle.

Include the following recommendations on your warning labels:

  • burn candles within sight
  • keep children away from candles, and more.

Additionally, ensure to follow these safety tips:

  • avoid burning candles near flammable objects
  • always keep an eye on open flames
  • extinguish all burning candles before going out or going to bed
  • place a nonflammable surface, such as a metal sheet or ceramic plate, under your candle jar
  • never burn a candle if you smell gas indoors.


Designing effective candle labels requires attention to detail, including essential information and visually appealing elements. By implementing the steps outlined in this blog, you can create labels that not only catch the eye but also communicate important details about your candles. Remember, a well-designed label can make a significant impact on consumer perception and purchasing decisions.

Also, investing time and effort into optimizing your candle labels can have a positive impact on your brand's visibility, customer recognition, and overall business growth. So, make sure to prioritize label design as a key element in your candle marketing strategy.

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