How Does Packaging Affect Consumer Behavior?

How Does Packaging Affect Consumer Behavior?

You must have heard of the popular phrase First impression is the last impression. First impressions are extremely important if you're going to a meeting, party, or anywhere. 

The same thing goes for your products as well. 

The first thing your customer looks at before touching or using your product is its packaging. So when a customer picks your product from the shelf, the decision to purchase the product is heavily reliant on one thing. 

Do you know what it is?

It's your product packaging. 

So, it's important to ensure your product packaging captures the attention of your ideal customers. Not only this, but it should also convey your brand value and product essence. 

Appealing packaging = Better communication with customers. 

But there are so many ways packaging affects customer behavior. Every business should know this. 

In this article, we'll dive deeper into how your product packaging impacts consumer behavior. Not only this, but we'll also share some bonus tips on how you can achieve it. 

So keep reading. 

Top 7 Ways Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior

There are so many ways packaging can impact consumer behavior, from buying the product to creating a memorable experience. All of this matters a lot. 

Now, let's discuss this topic in detail. 

1. Deep Impact On Your Subconscious 

People subconsciously like visually appealing things. If a product has good packaging, people will automatically assume it's high-quality.

You must have noticed big brands use this technique. 

Take Apple, for example. Everyone knows their product is amazing, and so is their packaging. 


Because Apple wants to make their target audience feel extra special. They know their target audience. So, what should you learn from this?

Make the unboxing experience special for customers. 

You can get a competitive edge if your packaging is attractive. Most often, if the packaging looks good, customers buy it without worrying about the product's cost. 


Because they subconsciously believe that it's worth the price. 

So, try to add innovative packaging elements. Something that'll make your brand memorable. 

2. Right Color Triggers Emotions 

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Colors have a huge impact on our daily life. Likewise, when it comes to packaging colors, they have the power to trigger certain emotions in customers. 

That's why you should carefully choose your product color. It is also known as color psychology. It plays a great role in choosing different colors for your product packaging. 

  • Red: Energy, passion, and attention-grabbing.
  • Blue: Trust, calmness, and professionalism.
  • Green: Nature, health, and freshness.
  • Yellow: Optimism, warmth, and friendliness.
  • Orange: Energy, excitement, and innovation.
  • Purple: Luxury, sophistication, and creativity.

Let's understand this with an example. 

When we discuss an organic product, what color pops into your mind?

Most probably green. Do you know the reason behind it?

It's because the grass is green. Nature is mostly green, and that's why our subconscious mind has associated the color green with organic things. That's why organic companies add the color green to their packaging.

3. Synchronize With Needs Of Customers 

Suppose you're extremely thirsty.  

You're looking for water everywhere. Then you see your friend drinking mango juice. 

The thirst-enticing picture on the juice box makes you even more thirsty. 

Why is that happening?

It's because the company knows the needs of their customers. It is referred to as synchronization with the needs of customers. 

So, you should provide customers with what they need and communicate it through your packaging.

4. Influences Final Decision Of Buyers

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According to an estimate, more than 70% of shoppers make purchasing decisions inside the store or market. 

You can create your brand using social media and marketing. But that's not the only thing you should do. It's important to think beyond that and focus on packaging. Packaging plays an immense role in shoppers' final purchasing decisions. 

Suppose the person is looking for a luxury product. There are plenty of competitors in this niche. But what's important is giving all your product packaging a premium and luxury look. 

Most luxury items are black, gold, or white colored. You should carefully use fonts, colors, and shapes in your product packaging.

5. Increases Anticipation of Customers

Remember that customers don't purchase products just to carry out certain tasks. They choose products because they are curious about them. They want to know the hidden, mysterious element behind it. 

If you have good packaging, then it'll automatically tell customers a lot about your product's quality and functionality. 

It's just like a movie trailer. 

Most people will purchase movie tickets if a movie trailer is good. 

If the trailer is not good, people will stop watching that movie. 

Likewise product labels are an effective chance for businesses to prove their worth. Remember that it starts from outside packaging.

6. Provides Answers To Queries

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With your product packaging, you can communicate with your customers. But how is that possible?

The design tells customers about the product usage. 

  • What nutrients are added to the product?
  • How much does the product weigh?
  • How can you recycle the product?

A customer can know all this and much more through product packaging. With these crucial details, a buyer can easily decide whether a product is good for them. 

Suppose a customer is looking for a food item such as candies, butter, etc. 

But they don't like food items with high sugar content. By adding exact information, you can attract a super-specific audience

The biggest advantage of this is that this audience becomes your loyal customers. 


Because you honestly communicated about your product with them. With this information, your brand reputation will improve, and customers will trust you more.

7. Communicate Brand Values And Vision

According to stats, customers are actively making healthy choices. They don't randomly choose products. 

Instead, they look at the product and see if it's good for the environment and what the consequences of using it can be. Customers are inclined towards companies that make healthy and sustainable decisions. 

With packaging, you can communicate your values and visions with customers. Once they know about it, they'll become your biggest advocate. 

It also promotes word-of-mouth marketing, which effectively retains customers and expands your reach. 

You should add certifications on your labels that showcase your commitment to the cause. 

How To Develop Effective Product Packaging That Appeals To Consumers?

Here's the bonus part of this article, where we'll share some of the best and most effective tips to make your product packaging more effective. Here are some unique tips you must remember during the packaging creation process. 

  • Interactive Packaging: Incorporate interactive elements such as QR codes, augmented reality, or scannable content. Because it engages consumers beyond the physical package.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Customize packaging designs to be culturally sensitive, considering symbols, colors, and imagery. It should resonate positively with diverse target audiences.
  • Storytelling Through Texture: Use unique textures and finishes on the packaging to tell a story or convey a specific brand message through touch, enhancing the sensory experience.
  • Biodegradable Packaging with Plant Seeds: Introduce eco-friendly packaging that decomposes and contains plant seeds. It encourages consumers to plant the packaging after use and contributes to sustainability efforts.
  • Collaborative Packaging: Collaborate with artists, influencers, or other brands to create special packaging designs that merge different creative perspectives and attract a broader audience. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you probably have a clear idea about why packaging is so important. Huge companies like Apple and Amazon know this, so they emphasize heavily on it. 

Remember, what matters the most is whether your customer is purchasing your product or not. You must ensure your packaging is attractive and eye-catching so they buy your products. 

But most people don't know how to make packaging that resonates with their customers.

Is there any solution for it?


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