How to Choose the Best Product Label Company?

How to Choose the Best Product Label Company?
How to Choose the Best Product Label Company

You've got an amazing product and already getting advance orders for it. Packaging and brand image are also finalized, but one crucial thing is still missing. What is it?

It's Your Product Label. 

If you're not an expert and plan to do it yourself, it can cost you a lot of money. That's why you're looking for the best product label company to assist you. It may seem like a small task, but if you choose the wrong label, it may fade, wear, or fall off. It'll tarnish your company's reputation; you obviously don't want that to happen.

Most often, companies ignore the labeling aspect, and when looking for a product labeling company, they only focus on one thing: pricing. You shouldn't ignore this factor, but relying solely on it means you will most likely get a cheap label

You don't have to break the bank to get a product label, but you must consider many other factors before choosing a product label company. Only then will you be able to accomplish good results with higher ROI. 

So keep reading to learn more about choosing the best product label company. 

10 Factors To Consider For Choosing Best Product Label Company  

There are many product-label companies in the market. You don't want your project to go into the wrong company's hands. This can be an extremely frustrating and annoying experience. That's why we have compiled a list of 10 factors that will help you identify the best product label company for your business. 

1. Services Provided By Company 

Most online label companies are limited in the services they provide. They don't have unique styles of materials. You should know about the breadth of services they offer. 

So ask yourself: Do the services, styles, or materials provided by them work for your current project?

Let's understand it with an example. 

If your beer product frequently encounters a damp environment, the material should be able to resist moisture. But if your label is attached to outdoor equipment, the material must be flexible. It should be able to stretch and shrink without losing its original shape. 

If there are limited options, your creativity also decreases. You don't have a lot of options to play with, so there's no room for experimentation. The retail market is becoming extremely competitive, and you can't afford to mess up. 

One mistake = No sale = One customer gone 

Customization is crucial in the labeling industry. Analyze the type of customizations the company offers and whether they're beneficial for your product. 

2. Check Their Commitment To Deliver On Time 

Suppose you order a company to make labels for your soon-to-be-launched product. But they fail to deliver orders on time. 

Circumstances like these can put your business in a tough spot. That's why you should always get an idea of the company's turnaround time. It gives you a better understanding of a company's work ethic and if you can work with them in the long run. But be realistic about the delivery time. 

Most companies have a turnaround time of two to three days. But remember, it may vary greatly depending on the order you place. By working with an efficient company that can meet its deadlines, you can reduce many of the headaches associated with label delivery. 

3. See Their Previous Work 

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How can you know if the promises made by the product label company are true? Can they actually live up to your expectations?

The most effective method for that is asking to see their previous work. 

It gives you a deeper idea about their quality of work. You can inspect if they can meet your standards and have an attention to detail. It'll also give you an idea about the labels they have worked on. 

4. Look Beyond Just Experience 

Being an expert in the industry doesn't necessarily mean they are going to perform a great job. You should not look for just an order taker. Instead, find a company dedicated to providing you with the best and unique labels

Your label company should provide guidance, suggestions, and recommendations on how to level up the label. Also, check their communication style to see if they are listening to or ignoring your requirements. Poor communication raises huge concerns because you will work with a company on different projects. 

5. Modes Of Communication 

A reliable company knows the needs of customers, and that's why they are ready to assist them 24/7. It can either be done through

  • Office
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Social media 

Suppose you're working with a product label company, and there is only one day before the deadline. You want to check up on the progress of the order, so you call the company. 

But they are not picking up your call, and there are no other communication modes with the company. It can be an extremely frustrating experience. To minimize the chances of these situations, always check the company's modes of communication. Analyze their responsiveness and, after that decide to work with them. 

6. Manufacturing Procedure 

You should also analyze the knowledge of product label companies. Because the label manufacturing may vary according to the product. Some of the factors that can change the manufacturing process of labels include

  • How are your products handled and used?
  • What are the risks involved with electrical discharge?
  • Is there any presence of damaging solvents in the products?
  • Is the labeling company in compliance with all the regulations provided by healthcare organizations?

These are some of the aspects you should check. If a company is well-versed and knowledgeable about these, it's a positive sign. An experienced labeling company knows different applications. Even if they encounter issues or challenges, they can easily overcome them in no time.

7. Sustainable Approaches 

Label printing can be wasteful. However, if innovative techniques are used, it can conserve materials and energy, reducing the impact on the environment. 

If your brand opts to reduce its carbon footprint, you should partner with a label company that is equally conscious about carbon footprint as you. 

8. Price Range 


Price is a major factor when choosing any product or service. But here's one thing that you should remember in this case. 

Cheap isn't always equal to better. 

You should be clear about your budget. Now, research the market and look for the best deals within your price range. 

Choosing a labeling company is indeed challenging. But if you follow these tips, you can easily finalize the best label companies within your budget.

Get a quote before you commit to a particular label company. After that, compare the cost with other companies to find the best option. 

9. Check The Company Values 

Nowadays, companies don't partner just for superficial needs or materialistic goods. Partnerships are becoming much deeper; one aspect is working with companies that align with your values. It ensures that you're on the same page and that issues can be minimized. 

Let's understand it with an example. 

If you're a company that cares deeply about eco-friendly practices, you should look for a label company with similar values. Do you firmly believe that customers should be your top priority?

Then, find a labeling company that believes in similar ideas. 

The ideal way to determine a company's values is to check its website, review the information it has published about itself, analyze its online reputation, and consider how it has handled previous customers. If everything meets your requirements, then set up a call with them to discuss it further. That's how you can get a clear and crisp understanding of their values and missions as a company. 

10. Check Customer Support 

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Lastly, you should test their customer support. But how can you test it?

You should check how well they respond to customers, how well they treat them, and how quickly they answer questions. But what if you don't receive good customer support during the investigation?

Then, it will most likely not improve in the further stages of working with the company. You should keep doing the research and look for other label companies. 

You should work with a company that puts their customers first. So they can handle the project with utmost enthusiasm and care. A good project company never hesitates to go above and beyond to help customers with orders and answer any questions. 

Ending Thoughts

Finding the right label company will become extremely easy if you know all these steps. The success of your project depends on partnering with the right companies, which will help you overcome challenges. Follow the tips above to choose the best label company for your business that fits your needs. 

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