Label of the Week: La Cervecería Astilleros - great culture, unique style, and what it takes to stand out

Label of the Week: La Cervecería Astilleros - great culture, unique style, and what it takes to stand out

What do you usually expect from a great brewing company?! Excellent beer taste, great vibe location vibe, good-looking labels… Is there anything else you are thinking of?

Today we will talk about the brewery that has it all. And we will take another look at the importance of unique creative label design for your brand.

La Cervecería Astilleros, or “The Shipyards Brewery” as translated from Spanish, is dedicated to bringing rich and colorful Mexican culture into the heart of North Vancouver in the form of delicious craft beers.

As a company that strives to be friendly, passionate, and genuine, they also want to honor their unique authenticity by sourcing Mexican ingredients into their beer.

It is one of those refreshing style beers that can be easily consumed at any time of year, but pairs especially well with summer patios. In addition to that, their unique design solution for their labels, makes them stand out even more. Minimalistic appeal combined with their creative design catches the attention of everyone.

What does a good beer look like?

In today’s world, craft beer labels are more than just identifiers. The innovative designs often tell their own visual stories about the beers and the breweries themselves. And much like La Cerveceria Astilleros’, they’re designed to grab your full attention.

As most of the breweries outsource label creation to different artists, some have in-store talents that can elevate the brand by knowing the unique traits of the company.

To establish a visual identity, brewers must find a balance of style, color, and imagery. These kinds of labels tell a story in a way that connects to the buyer, and each story differs with the type of beer.

Make Your Custom Beer Labels Stand Out

A lot of beer lovers consider the size of the beer bottle as something to worry about, but in reality, the size of the custom beer label is as important. The dimensions of the beer label are determined not only by the size but also by the type of bottle or can.

Usually, beer cans need a more traditional, rectangular shape, but other craft beer containers like crowlers and growlers allow for more variation. As the surface area is larger, it allows the labels to be more uniquely shaped.

Make sure you use colors and designs on your label that match the overall style of your brewery, as it has a big impact on whether customers want to purchase your craft brews, or not.

To make it more unique, consider adding metallic finishes, as you see fit, or spot gloss/matte varnish, or matt/gloss lams on your overall label look.

Now that you have a better idea about what goes into the design of custom beer bottles or can labels, it’s time to create your own beer labels or bring some fresh and new ideas to your current product.

Our Altro Labels design team is excited to help you with bringing your design ideas to life and provide any assistance on the way to your perfect label.

Whether the label artwork already exists, or you need help producing, we provide high-quality results that are delivered on time and within your budget.‌

Are you a partner? Do you have a custom label that you would like us to feature? Send us an email at with the subject line "FeatureMyLabel", and we'll be happy to take a look!