Let's talk about trucks and custom tape

Let's talk about trucks and custom tape

Trucks, trailers, and custom tape are not your typical match of interests, eh? Today we want to feature our partner Tech Trailers and discuss 4 reasons for your business to use custom-branded tape.

Tech Trailer is known as one of the most reliable service and repair companies in Southern Ontario. But dealing with hard equipment and trucks doesn’t stop them from thinking about their branding and clients on the other side of the garage door.

They try to stand out from competitors and bring more value to the people they work with. One way to do so was to bring a custom tape into their business.

Some say that packing tape's only function is to seal the box… but is that right? Indeed, it does that, but its also does so much more. So, what are the reasons why you need to consider custom tape for your business?

Branding is everything

You need to seal your packages with tape, so why waste resources and opportunity of sealing and self-promoting at the same time?

It is probably one of the most critical aspects of your business. The custom-printed tape makes your brand stand out as soon as your box leaves your company until it reaches your clients. We don’t know everything that happens to your package once you give it to the carrier, but we know that many eyes fall on it to read the label and get it where it needs to go.

Branded packaging tape shows how you care about the details. As people love what they see, it will increase your brand value. This way of post-purchase marketing works great regardless of your budget. Even a small amount of external branding on your packaging goes a long way when you are on a limited budget. It helps to build a lasting impression and brand loyalty.

As we already discovered, the more people see your logo, the better brand recognition you’ll achieve.

It all leads us to the next point…

Reduces packaging costs

Everyone knows how expensive and inconvenient the storage of large stock of printed boxes can be. Instead, you can consider using a plain carton. They are cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about purchasing a significant amount. Your printed custom tape is made to ease your job and reduce cost without compromising on a great look.

Did I already mention how expensive custom boxes are? And most of the time, it comes with high MOQs. It puts a lot of small businesses out of reach.


The reason why first impressions are so important is that they last well beyond that moment.

Whenever you want to impress someone, whether it is a potential client or you have your first job interview, you always want to impress, and one of the ways is to dress professionally.

Let's use the same strategy with our customers. Printed packaging tape will help with winning this good first impression. Your customer already chose your product, so let's dress it in professional packing tape to stand out as the best product.

Yet another reason to consider branded tape is its Anti-tamper purpose. Using just a regular non-branded blank packaging tape, anybody can open your box while en route and tamper with the inside content. Whereas you and only you have the branded packaging tape, and nobody can reseal the package after it is tampered with, you would know the moment your branded tape-protected box is tampered with!

So how do we print it?

We're lucky to have an incredible machine that works magic.

Our European 4-color flexographic printing press is a compact machine with only one operator to run. This keeps production time short, and we pass that savings to you. The printing speed is 120 m/min, and the max printing width is 320 mm. There's an auto turret that increases the operation speeds, and we gotta say - it's one of the most fascinating things to watch.

Are you a partner? Do you have a custom label that you would like us to feature? Send us an email at info@altrolabels.com with the subject line "FeatureMyLabel", and we'll be happy to take a look!