The Hottest labeling tips for your Hot sauce labels

The Hottest labeling tips for your Hot sauce labels

There’s no such thing as too many hot sauce labels, because the more labels you have, the more likely you are to have at least one, that people will want. Hot sauce is one of the most popular condiments in the world, and with so many options out there, getting noticed in this crowded market can be tricky. The key is to make each label stand out in its own way.

Think about your brand (and flavor) when designing

As the famous graphic designer Paul Rand once said, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” This means that even a sauce that is delicious, will not sell well if it's not packaged properly and designed with detail-oriented branding in mind.

When designing your hot sauce, keep in mind that it’s not just a culinary experience. It’s also an emotional one. When picking a label, think about the story behind the product and how you want consumers to feel when they use or consume it. For example, if the hot sauce is inspired by your family recipes passed down to you from past generations past, how does that inspire how you want it to be classified and what emotions do you want it to evoke for your customers? Consider also if this brand can become a franchise; if so, take inspiration from other top brands in your industry and make sure that it reflects just as well on smaller packaging like our custom labels.

Make the Most of the Shape of Your Label

While there are many considerations when choosing a bottle label shape, the main ones are how much design space is available (especially if you have graphics), how well it will fit the container, and how much the label will cost to print.

Rectangle-shaped labels offer the best space for artwork and can be designed to wrap around containers of different sizes. Oval or round-shaped custom labels can add visual interest, but limit how much content you can fit within them.

Label shapes can be a key component in making your hot sauce stand out on the shelf. Your customer is going to be more likely to buy your hot sauce if it's in an eye-catching and visually appealing bottle. The size of your label can make a big difference in how attractive a product looks. If you're planning on selling your hot sauce at events like farmers markets or small stores, then rectangle-shaped labels are probably the best choice for you because they offer the most room for design. Oval or round-shaped custom labels can add visual interest, but limit how much content you can fit within them.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Labels

Custom hot sauce labels can take your business to the next level. From cold foil stamping and spot UV coatings to unique label shapes, getting creative with your labeling can make your brand more memorable and help bring people back to your products again and again.

Foil stamping or silk screening, for example, provides intriguing elements to your hot sauce labels and can make your product stand out against the competition. Another possibility is to incorporate a QR code on your hot sauce labels that will connect buyers to recipe ideas or ingredient information. Using creative labeling may make your brand more distinct and memorable.

Hot sauce labels color palette

You often can find red color as the most popular choice when it comes to hot sauce labels. If it's not on the label, displaying the brand name or emblem, then it's the red sauce in the bottle. One way or another it’s there. Regardless of that, you can still find other color palettes such as green, blue, and purple followed by red, orange, yellow, and even black.

Hot sauce labels also need to be functional: easy to read, and efficient enough for your customers to quickly glance at the label and then make an appropriate decision about your brand. Finally, hot sauce labels should all have consistent design elements that show taste and branding consistency.


Whatever design you decide on for your hot sauce labels, make sure it complements your brand and container. To help ensure that the size and form of your labels fit properly onto your bottle or jar, we have hundreds of die cuts available. You may select from a wide variety of material alternatives to create a comprehensive package style, which will help you stand out from the competitors. To find out more on how to perfect your personalized labels feel free to send us an email at