Label of the Week: Rum lovers unite!

Label of the Week: Rum lovers unite!

And bring island vibes into your favourite tropical cocktail.

This week’s Featured Label is Stealth West Coast Rum!

In this 2nd episode, we will discover what makes their West Coast Rum and Label Design so unique.

Stealth Craft Distillers are a family-owned and operated business located in North
Vancouver, BC; they pride themselves on producing hand-crafted spirits. Their
commitment to quality and dedication is the key to their success and their expertly
crafted spirits.

Continue reading as we explore the smooth, tropical flavours of this tasty spirit.

The Stealth West Coast Rum is the freshest addition to their internationally awarded lineup of spirits. This triple distilled rum is extremely smooth. With its infusion of toasted organic coconut, there’s no way you’ll want to stop drinking it!

This Toasted Coconut Rum is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. We love it in a Piña Colada or a Mojito. Alternatively, you can always get creative and mix till you find the perfect recipe.

With summer getting closer, prepare yourself with some toasted coconut rum. Visit: and get ready for paradise.

Rum loves coconut like a bottle loves its Label

And good Label design matters. Our friends at Stealth Craft Distillers show us how it’s done.

This Custom Label is incredibly eye-catching. Printed in #70 felt estate paper. It integrates a vibrant combination of colours paired with multiple red foiling accents that make the design pop.

Our SilkScreen technology allows us to create high-build embellishments, and for this Custom Label, we used it to print the brand name, the water waves in the center, and the turquoise leaves. This glossy, heavy embossed embellishment adds an extra layer of dimension and creates a fun feel that completes this Rum personality.

Their design is a work of art, but our team worked with them to take it one step further by colour matching with our latest digital printing technology. As a result, they got a faster turnaround time and a more cost-efficient solution even with this intricate graphic!

Our digital printing technology is the perfect solution for any business looking to print their Custom Label without breaking the bank! Let’s talk Label!

This extraordinary Rum and unique Custom Label stand out on any shelf and is sure to make a great addition to any home bar!

Thanks to Stealth Craft Distillers for this week's collaboration. We enjoyed talking about this smooth coconutty Rum and its vibrant Custom Label.

We are excited for the next episode of this series. In the meantime, let's grab some Stealth West Cost Rum and meet you at the beach! Until then!

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