Label of the Week : Meet the Spirit of Revelstoke

Label of the Week : Meet the Spirit of Revelstoke
Have you always been drawn to the mountains? Whether it's the beautiful vistas, the sense of adventure, or simply being in the cool air and crisp breeze, something about being up high just speaks to some of us. The Monashee Mountains are no exception - they are a stunningly rugged landscape full of history and natural beauty.

One thing that makes this mountain range particularly special is that it is home to an incredible family of distillers. Monashee Spirit's team is passionate about their craft and community, sourcing local ingredients and using sustainable methods to bring you a taste of the mountains.

Their passion is paired with fresh, locally sourced juniper, coriander, huckleberries, spruce tips, and wildflower to make their Ethos Gin's foundation. And after a complex blending process of 11 other botanical ingredients, its unique flavour profile is forged—a true celebration of everything this region has to offer.

Gin has been around for centuries, but every Gin has its special essence and particular taste.

Monashee Spirits' Ethos Gin expresses theirs with this memorable and unique Label.

Wait! This is actually a set of multiple specially shaped Custom Labels!! And typically requires a Die-Cut per Label, meaning a much higher cost. But our team got creative and found an interesting way to make 1 Set per Die-Cut, substantially reducing printing and tooling costs.

These Labels are printed on #8 estate paper, the most famous paper on the market for its capabilities; it features light embossing elements that add a touch of finesse and give a refined sensation to its overall appearance.

Monashee's perfect colour selection of forest green and a gradient of green-beige gives this Custom Label a natural and earthy feel that reflects their love of nature and the community of Revelstoke, BC.

You can make your designs and products more memorable without breaking the bank. Submit your artwork today!

Whether you're interested in sampling one of these artisanal beverages for yourself or would simply like a glimpse into this fantastic mountain world, there's no better place than in the Monashees.

So come on up, we'll meet you there - the views are spectacular, and I'm sure you'll share our love for these inspiring mountains and this breathtaking Ethos Gin!

But if you can't make it any time soon, you can also order their Ethos Gin here: or browse their full offering.

By the way... don't forget to stay tuned for the next Ep. of this series. Until then!

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