What Is A Custom Label? Essential Guide

What Is A Custom Label? Essential Guide

Customizing labels for your business is one of the smartest decisions you make. It makes your customers feel special and connected to your brand.

Every audience has a specific visual hook that will grab their attention, and with custom labels, you can incorporate those items to increase your business growth. Just imagine a big supermarket with numerous brands offering the same services as you. They have high-quality products with USP, but the label design is extremely terrible.

You can use this to your advantage and create labels that make your audience fall in love with your brand.

According to a survey, almost 73% of Americans have stated that the labels of a business highly influence their buying decision. So if your goal is to reach wider audiences, you shouldn't miss this goldmine.

But how do you know which label is best for you? How many types are there?

In this blog, I'll tell you some of the most common types of custom labels that you should know.

So keep reading.

Why is Custom Labeling Important?

Companies worldwide are using it strategically to become the best in the industry. The best part is that it'll save you from many legal issues.


These labels are a way to promote and tell people about your business. Such as, tobacco companies always put warning signs on their labels. Likewise, medicines that are harmful to children also show a warning sign.

With the help of labeling, you're keeping your audience up-to-date about your product with factual information. It shows transparency, and people will get more inclined towards your brand, ultimately contributing to growth in business.

But is it possible?

Yes. Let me elaborate on this example.

Starbucks is among one of the biggest companies in the world, and they are also using this technique. They offer personalized cups with customers' names on them, creating a social media trend where customers share photos of their personalized cups.

Source: Pexels

Personalized labels with high-quality materials = Attention from consumers + majority of sales

It's all about how creatively you communicate with your target audience. Many companies like Coca-Cola have also used customized labeling, skyrocketing their sales.

Characteristics Of Highly Effective Label

By now, you already know why labels are extremely important. But how do you know your label is good enough?

Remember, a label should not be confusing. It should communicate the information you want to convey to your customers. If you have an attractive label, getting attention from consumers and your target audience will not be difficult for you. Your custom label should align with your company values, mission, and objectives.

Many business owners use templates of labelings already available on different sites and then wonder why they aren't seeing any progress.

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It's because personalization is the key to success.

So instead of copy-pasting, use customized labels because it's worth your time and money. You have different customization options to gain consumer attention. Think from a user perspective. Will they like this product packaging? How can I make it better?

Asking these questions will give you better insight into and improve your label.

Types of Custom Labels

There is a wide variety of labels, and the list is even longer when it comes to custom labeling. You should know about these to choose the best among this wide range. Because they play a great role in customer experience and business growth. So here are some of its most common types.


It is one of the most common custom labels and is applied in two ways: i.e., hands and machines such as label dispensers. Facestock is used in it, either with or without the top coat. Moreover, there's an adhesive with a liner to ensure the strength of the labelings.

To increase its adherence and durability, manufacturers highly focus on the surface to which the label is attached.

Semi-permanent adhesives are used in dry peel labels. You must have seen coupons you can peel off or scratch to get more discounts. Right?

These are perfect examples of dry peel labelings that have removable adhesives.

Meanwhile, resealable labels are different because buyers can seal the product back into packaging whenever they want.

Thermal and Thermal Transfer

There are two primary things in this labeling. It is:

  • Warm printhead
  • Heated ribbons

The warm printhead is direct thermal. Meanwhile, ribbons are thermal transfers that print textual information, visual content, or images on the label's material.

Have you seen these labels anywhere?

Most definitely. They are used in shipping, barcodes, and price tags. But there's one thing you should know about these labels.

They have a short life span. The color alters when exposed to the sun or any heat source.

Die Cut

Do you want a custom product label with the exact specifications? A custom shape that you created just for your brand image? But it's too difficult to get an exact label of that shape.

Then die-cut labeling is exactly what you need. You can use die-cut labels and customize them to any shape you want. But don't worry; you don't need a metal die or expensive tools.

There are two options you can choose from.

There are plenty of pre-die cut labels available. So you can use them to print your label in small quantities without investing in any tool.

But what if you're a small business with a custom label? What's the solution in this case?

It's simple. You can get a laser die-cut label to fulfill your business labeling needs.


Just by the name, you can tell that this includes paper. But you shouldn't use material that negatively affects global warming and climate. So instead of that, use biodegradable paper labels. They can withstand extreme temperatures.

Custom paper labels indeed look attractive and get additional attention.

However, it can be a huge red flag if they are not splashproof or easily torn apart. Ensure that everything's made with a strong and durable variety of materials.


These are cool and shiny labels, and they are printed on material that is popularly known as so-called effects. They can turn a simple and boring label into a super cool label.

Do your businesses need this type of custom label?

If you want to make your business look more high-end and expensive, you must try it. Promoting an offer or limited edition sale is the best way to use it. It evokes scarcity, and people will buy products because they don't want to miss out.


These are a must for places operating using dangerous equipment or potential hazards. These labels should inform clearly about the threat to a person, and they should consist of these:

  • Bold letters
  • Easy to read
  • Eye-catching graphics

Foil, Pastel, and Neon Colored

If you want to get noticed by your target audience and get stuck in their mind until they act on CTA, choose these labels. These foil, pastel, and neon colors will grab your customers' attention.

Bright colors are always amazing for gaining the attention of people.

Water and grease-resistant

Suppose you're shipping a product that contains oil or any liquid material. This poses a great risk to your regular label. In this case, you need to think, how do I solve this problem?

It's by updating the quality of your label. Oil stains can ruin your labels. That's why you should use a vinyl label.

But before shipping it to your customers, I highly recommend testing the water and grease-resistant label in advance.


This label typically refers to adhesive labels that stick to surfaces using static electricity or a light adhesive. They are often used on glass, windows, mirrors, or smooth surfaces.

You can apply it easily and not worry about leaving a sticky residue behind. They are useful for temporary or seasonal displays like Christmas or New Year.

But how do they adhere to surfaces?

They rely on their static charge for this. It makes them versatile and easy to reposition.


Many companies mention all the necessary information about the product on their label or packages. Such as many food products packaging and beverage labels mention all the nutrition facts. This creates a positive user experience and informs the customer about your product.

Many people create these using online design tools as it saves them from a lot of additional costs.

Other Custom Label Options

You've learned some of the most common types of custom labeling. But there is more to this. It's a long list, I recommend choosing the option that fits with the range of material you will use in your personalized label. I will list some of the most important ones you should know.

  • Promotional: To promote your offer
  • Marketing: Effectively market your business
  • Descriptive: Tells description, e.g., weight, size, etc., of product
  • Training: Teach new staff
  • Transparent: Minimalistic approach


A custom label is your audience's first impression of your brand, and we all want to make a good and long-lasting impression on people. If you're still using boring templates that make people yawn, then it's time to give your labeling a much-needed upgrade.

Get ready to reap exceptional results from this amazing strategy that will attract more customers.

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