How Can Companies Reduce Packaging Waste?

How Can Companies Reduce Packaging Waste?
How Can Companies Reduce Packaging Waste

Several businesses are selling the same product as you. Your product quality might be better than your competitors. But do you know there's a way through which your customers will happily pay even 10x for the products?

What is it?

It's adopting sustainable packaging solutions in your company. According to the EPA, commercial, residential, and institutional users generate more than 70 million tons of container and packaging waste annually. Unfortunately, only half of this waste is properly recycled. It tells us that 37 million tons of packaging waste is still in landfills. 

Packaging waste is the biggest concern companies are facing. Only a few of them are making any effort to resolve this issue. Some environmentally friendly brands opt for eco-friendly packaging solutions, transforming the packaging industry. Suppose you want to stand out and make an impact by adopting sustainable packaging solutions. 

In that case, this article is for you. In this, we'll discuss how companies can reduce packaging waste. So let's get started. 

What Is Packaging Waste?

Packaging waste refers to materials you use for packaging. It's any material used to contain, protect, or present products immediately discarded. Packaging waste comes in different forms, such as boxes, bottles, wrappers, and containers. 

But why should you do something about packaging waste? Does it have any significant impact on the environment?

The short answer is YES

Packaging waste is a major contributor to landfill overflow. It's a growing problem which is causing a lot of environmental problems. There is a lot of waste in landfills, and now packaging waste is worsening this problem. But how?

When these chemicals break down, they release toxic chemicals and greenhouse gasses. Here's how it happens. 

Packaging waste → Landfills waste → Materials breakdown → Release chemicals & greenhouse gasses → Leads to pollution → Climate change

It's great for wildlife as well as the ecosystem. When companies don't properly recycle packaging waste, it ends up in rivers, oceans, and natural habitats. Plastic packaging has a bad reputation because of its durability and persistence in the environment. It puts the lives of aquatic animals in huge danger, and terrestrial organisms also suffer from it. 

Source: ourgoodbrands

When making packaging material, many natural resources and energy are utilized. Here's some of these you should know about:

  • Timber is used for paper packaging
  • Petroleum for plastic production

It contributes to deforestation, habitat destruction, and carbon emissions. It makes the environment void of its natural resources. In a nutshell, packaging waste not only burdens landfills but also pollutes the environment. It's a pressing environmental issue that requires urgent attention. 

7 Tips To Reduce Packaging Waste 

Companies should use packaging materials that are either reusable or recyclable. You can reuse materials for various purposes. Use leftover cardboard boxes to store office equipment. It also reduces the need to purchase unnecessary products. Packaging materials like paper and cardboard are easily convertible into different products. 

So you can keep reusing packaging materials. Moreover, it ensures that no packaging material goes to waste. 

Now, consider seven tips to reduce packaging waste that every company should adopt. 

1. Do Proper Packing

Most online retailers send deliveries in boxes that are way too big. You might wonder, but what's the big deal? That's not an issue at all?

It creates an extra 2 billion pounds of waste every year. Customers are also noticing this and are cautious about this aspect. According to a Sealed Air study, 77% of customers believe the packaging an e-commerce store uses reflects its environmental values

What does it tell us?

It tells us everything is important, from the order to how you pack the product. Shippers opt for automated packing solutions to meet the high demands of sustainable packaging. With automated packing solutions, you can optimize app steps of order fulfillment. What do these systems do?

They scan, build, fill, fold, and label each other in a parcel within seconds. These innovative systems can also place return labels and seal parcels with the help of reusable tape. 

It allows customers to reuse the box and printed label. It makes the entire process environmentally friendly. But do you think it's beneficial for customers only?


Even shippers like it because it can save a lot of money. It reduces the carbon footprint and is an innovative approach that customers love. 

2. Use Sustainable Raw Materials

If you want to make packaging sustainable and reduce waste, then start from the first step. What does it mean?

It means choosing sustainable packaging materials. Ensure that the material is sustainable so all your efforts are worth it. 

You should turn to sustainable ways to source the wood. It's later used for manufacturing of packaging material such as cardboard and paper. But is that all? Are there any other materials that you can use?


You can opt for other materials, including cotton, artificially made fibers, and wood, which are from sustainable farms.

3. Use An Industrial Shredder

You should invest in an industrial shredder. But is it worth it?


Because it has the power to shred anything made from fibers, including paper or cardboard, shredders can generate vast amounts of shredded material. It is further used for filling packaging boxes. They act as paper cushions. What's the significance?

They do a great job of safeguarding the corners of your cardboard boxes. Shredded paper is an eco-friendly alternative to packing and shipping various products. 

4. Opt For Biodegradable Packaging

You should carefully research the different packaging options you have. One of them is using biodegradable packaging

For this, using materials that incorporate corn-based plastic is highly recommended. But why is that so? Is there any specific reason behind it?


Source: verifiedmarketresearch

This packaging is an amazing alternative to nourishing soil because you can break down this material into a commercial composting facility. This material ensures that all the material is recycled and none of them ends up in landfills. 

5. Utilize Stretch Wrapper 

Are you transporting products around the warehouse? But you're spending a lot of time, money, and energy on packaging?

Then, from this instance, you can stop doing that. One of the best solutions is securing the product through stretch films. Don't just pack them in large boxes; instead, utilize stretch film. 

You can easily fit it in bins and recycle it. It's also crucial to stretch-wrap pallets of products while shipping for a long distance. Does it leave any impact on the environment?


It keeps the damaged and unsellable products out of landfills. 

6. Train Your Staff 

Your staff is an important factor that can reduce or increase packaging waste. But how can they contribute to this?

It's because of the way they dispose of the packaging. The waste might be created or improperly disposed of because of staff negligence. Maybe they aren't aware of proper waste disposal practices

The ideal solution in this scenario is to train your staff. Ensure they strongly grip the best practices for reducing packaging waste. It leads to less manufacturing of packaging waste and less creation of packaging waste. 

So, instead of finding who's to blame for packaging waste, Educate yourself and your team. It will leave a long-lasting positive impact on your brand image. 

7. Adopt Minimal Packaging

You don't need to be extravagant about the packaging. Keep it sweet yet simple. That's why most brands now implement minimal packaging approaches. A minimal design doesn't use a large amount of packaging materials. It ultimately saves the environment from a lot of toxic chemicals and hazards. 

Source: linkedin

Not only this, there are several benefits of minimal packaging. It reduces the material use. So when the material use reduces, the cost of the product also lowers. You're using less energy to manufacture products, and less fuel is needed to transport the packaging. 

Ending Thoughts 

Consumers are becoming more aware of their purchasing decisions. They no longer ignore the ecological status of the world, and that's why they happily buy from brands that focus on saving the environment. 

Adopting eco-friendly waste solutions is among the solutions that positively impact the brand image. It adds value to your product and overall brand presence. 

Are you ready to take the first step in reducing packaging waste?

Reach out to Altro Labels today. We are a team of experts who have the power to make your brand-sustainable packaging solutions come to life. It's all about how you can better impact this world. Once you do this, customers will keep gravitating towards you.