Latest Trends in Alcohol Packaging Design

Latest Trends in Alcohol Packaging Design
Latest Trends in Alcohol Packaging Design

Drinking habits are transforming rapidly. Beer bottles are being replaced with ready-mixed cans. Meanwhile, the taste of alcohol is also changing drastically. Instead of standard traditional alcohol flavors, people prefer rich and fruity ingredients. 

Especially during COVID-19, the consumption of alcohol rose to an exponential level. The taste experiences are becoming more diverse, and the consumption of alcohol at general events has become a complete norm. People are no longer chugging alcohol just for the sake of leisure. Instead, they are opting for healthier and go-to choices that are both high-quality and taste exceptional. 

This shift in consumer behavior shapes every industry and revolutionizes how marketers attract customers. So, if you want your alcohol brand to capture customers' undivided attention, take the first step by leaving a good impression. How can you do that?

Through attractive packaging. In this article, we'll discuss some of the latest trends in alcohol packaging design which can elevate your brand. 

So keep reading. 

Alcohol Statistics You Must Know About

To capitalize on product packaging, you must understand its importance. What will happen if you design attractive packaging?

To understand this process, here's what you need to know. 

Traditional alcohol packaging designs = Boring + Don't attract the right customer group

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But if you use interesting and attractive packaging, you'll attract the right customers. That's how you can convert potential buyers into paying customers. According to Statista reports, the sales of alcoholic beverages reached around 284.10 billion in the year 2022. Meanwhile, 76% of these occur in a CPG setting. The growth of the alcohol market is expected to reach at least 2.3% in upcoming years. 

So, are cool designs enough to compete in the market?

The truth is that it can help you capture significant market share. Looking closely, you'll notice that successful alcohol companies have a strong brand identity and design elements that make customers feel at home. 

The alcohol market is saturated, and it's extremely hard to gain a competitive edge. You must have heard words like this. So what should you do? Never start a brand?

Not at all. 

Instead, you should formulate a strategy so customers run to purchase your product. It's designing exceptional packaging to get a boost in the competition. Here are seven trends that you must know about. 

Be Prepared To Go Online

During the global health crisis in 2020, businesses faced immense losses. Offline markets were completely closed, and sales decreased. The only businesses that flourished during this time were those with an online presence. 

The pandemic paved the way for exponential growth for many businesses. It led to digital transformation, and the alcohol beverage industry also experienced this growth. 

Initially, brands paid huge importance to the packaging so that it looked good on the retail shelves. But now, it's crucial for packaging to look attractive even on the screen. Besides aesthetics, brands should ensure that products reach customers safely. 

Focus On Sustainable Packaging 

Consumers are becoming extremely cautious about the impact of their purchases on the environment, which is why there is an increase in eco-conscious customers. Here's what happens. 

Customers become cautious of environmental issues → Opt for sustainable solutions → Brands notice this change → Shift towards sustainable packaging. 

The alcohol industry has also made progress in adopting sustainable packaging solutions. Moreover, factories report a shortage of beverage packaging materials such as aluminum and glass. 

But what other options are there for four alcohol packaging? There are plenty of options, some of them as below. 

  • Cellulose Fiber Solutions: It is almost 94% recycled paperboard. Furthermore, it is fused with water-based adhesive without adding any chemicals. This solution is lighter than typical alcohol packaging. The best part is that it's resistant to humidity and spills. 
  • New Wave Plastic: It is also referred to as PET. It is 87% lighter than glass and food-safe. The BPA-free plastic material is widely used in containers. In traditional wine packaging, bottles were bulkier and heavier. However, due to the new trends in alcohol packaging design, bottles are competitively easier to handle. 
  • Returnable Glass Bottles: In the past, people used to return bottles for the milkman to refill. But now, packaging solutions are targeted towards a more circular economy. The primary purpose is to reuse every bottle at least ten times. This rule can also be applied in alcohol packaging to reduce waste. 

Add Colors That Evoke Emotions

Colors can make people feel certain emotions. In the beverage industry, this is an outstanding technique often used to make a good impression on the target audience. 

In 2022, colorful hues and bright packaging designs performed well. The style was on numerous award-winning product packaging, which shows that this trend is here to dominate the market. 

Bowl Grabber is a solid example of this trend. It's a wine brand that smartly uses color psychology in its packaging. 

Source: casualbusiness

They used yellow labels and colorful artwork, making industry waves. The style gives an overall vibe of celebration and happiness. They want customers to feel that whenever they purchase from them. Wine brands usually have a serious vibe, but Bowl Grabber changed it. Several other brands use this strategy to their advantage and gain attention from wine enthusiasts. 

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Is your packaging the same as your competitors? Colors and a compelling copy to purchase your alcohol product?

Then it's boring

Add interactive elements to your packaging to keep the audience hooked. You might wonder what I can add. There are several features you can incorporate, some of them as follows. 

  • QR codes
  • NFC chips
  • Smart labels

It should communicate your business branding and key messages. Tell your customers about your values so they feel connected to your brand. But how can a buyer utilize these?

The customer can scan these interactive elements with a device. That way, they get access to information unavailable on the alcohol package. 

It includes company details and processes to make alcohol, showing dedication and transparency. It is helpful for consumers and doesn't take up much space. You can go one step ahead and add your social media profile links in the code. 

Tell An Interesting Story

Storytelling is a great way to build your brand. Now, storytelling is also used in alcohol packaging designs. You might wonder how you can utilize this aspect.

It can be as simple as adding a piece of wine history to your alcohol bottles. It increases the demand for custom glass packaging. You can uplift the customer and tell them about your company values with a narrative. 

However, you must utilize this method with a very strategic approach. 

Use sophisticated appeal and further add a touch of nostalgia. You can also add suggestions or offers your customers should avail of next. It keeps them curious about your products. 

Ensure your product is set up as timeless yet noticeable in the market.

Connect With Health-conscious Buyers 

After the pandemic, the number of health-conscious customers is increasing rapidly. Everyone wants to look good, so people emphasize a healthy diet. But as an alcohol brand, how can you win the hearts of health-conscious customers?

In that case, you should highlight specific points in your beverage that attract customers. Tell these directly to your audience by making those selling points prominent on the packaging. These points include alcohol being vegan, gluten-free, or low alcohol content. 

Provide Convenience With Comfort

Do your customers have to wrestle with the packaging to get the product?

You should prioritize comfort instead of adding complexity. Providing a better experience to your audience will always yield great results. 

Some liquor companies have noticed this trend and offer their products with shot glasses and measuring instruments, such as mixers. The demand for easy-to-open packaging is increasing in every industry. 

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But how can you capitalize on this in the alcohol industry?

It's possible to use this technique in the alcohol industry as well. Start by replacing twist-off caps with cork. It reduces costs for businesses and customers. 

Ending Thoughts

If you want to drive more sales for your alcohol brand, then it's time to use these latest packaging trends. Brands gain more knowledge about customers, which is a core step in unlocking effective ways to market the product. So what should you do in this regard?

You should keep up with the latest trends in alcohol packaging design. The competition is fierce, and you can no longer afford to be late to these trends. After the pandemic, people are returning to their old spending habits, so you should incorporate good packaging designs to attract new customers. 

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