11 Exciting New Year Packaging Ideas

11 Exciting New Year Packaging Ideas

The new year is finally here. Celebrations are everywhere, but you know what's the most important thing?

Beginning this new year by re-evaluating strategies that are working in favor of your business and attracting your ideal customers. Companies often check marketing strategies, techniques, and costs but forget one crucial thing:

It is the packaging of their products.

It is a unique way to catch the attention of your target audience. 

Just imagine you send a customer package with boring fonts and zero personalization. They might even just forget about it. But at New Year, you can create unique packaging that provides them with an experience that is unforgettable. 

The packaging takes center stage in spreading joy and making celebrations memorable. In this blog, we'll share some of the best packaging ideas so you can understand the significance of creative packaging. 

Let's get started. 

1. Personalized Countdown Boxes

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You can use different types of boxes and then arrange them in different sizes. Stack them in descending sizes to make them visually appealing. 

Now, what's next?

You should label each box with numbers. Start the countdown to the New Year. To take packaging design to the next level, use creative designs and illustrations and collaborate with artists. 

You should fill boxes with small gifts, notes, or products. 

You should encourage customers to open one box daily to make it more effective. But why?

That's how you can excite customers and anticipate your brand's unique packaging idea.  

2. Constellation-Inspired Wraps

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Want to give a unique experience to your customers? Take them to another universe?

Then, you should make constellation-inspired wraps. But how can you make these?

You should choose dark-colored or midnight blue wrapping paper as the backdrop. Now, you should draw constellation patterns. It's highly recommended to use either metallic or glow-in-the-dark pens.

But to make it professional, you can make customized wraps with constellations. To add subtle shimmer, use silver or gold colors and make stars with them. 

3. Interactive QR Code Messages

The world is moving fast at a rapid pace. You can't just use traditional packaging ideas and expect exceptional results. 

That's why you should integrate QR codes. Seamlessly add them to the packaging design or attach them to a card.

But what's the purpose of these QR codes?

You can make personalized video messages or interactive content related to New Year's wishes. It shows how dedicated you are to adding customers in their happy moments. 

To improve the experience, you should add instructions on how to scan the QR code. This makes the experience user-friendly. 

4. Origami Fortune-Teller Packaging

Source: dotties

Yes, origami packaging. 

Here's how you can do it. 

Expertly fold the packaging into a fortune-teller shape. Make sure that you've added clear instructions. Now, what's next?

Add your messages to them. Here are some things you can write on these origami are:

  • Predictions
  • Wishes 
  • Notes

Conceal them within folds. So when customers open the packaging, they get personalized messages, adding an engaging and interactive element.

5. Confetti Popper Wraps

Source: playpartyplan

You might have seen confetti poppers already. But can you imagine confetti popper wraps as packaging? Design the packaging in a cylindrical shape resembling a classic confetti popper.

To make it more amazing, add colorful confetti inside. You should consider different shapes and sizes. 

But here's something you must do.

When the customer opens the packaging, it should result in a burst of confetti, creating a dynamic and festive effect.

6. Edible Packaging Surprises

Source: greenbiz

What's the best way to celebrate a New Year?

Give sweets and share moments with chocolate. But is there any way to use it with your packaging?


You can create edible packaging. 

Wrap gifts in containers made of edible materials, such as cookie boxes or chocolate wrappers. You can use decorative food items like gingerbread houses or intricately designed sugar cookies.

This packaging is for a dual purpose. It acts as a decorative element and a delightful treat for the customer.

Suppose you're running a bakery or restaurant. Here are some edible packaging ideas for your business. 

  • Design gift boxes coated with edible gold leaf. Fill these luxurious boxes with decadent chocolates or other gourmet treats for an opulent touch.
  • Package small gifts inside jars decorated with edible cupcake liners. The cupcake liners add a touch of sweetness, and the jar can be reused for treats.
  • Package small gifts in pillow boxes made of marshmallows. These edible pillow boxes add a soft and delightful touch to the gift-giving experience.

7. Customized Puzzle Packaging

Do you love puzzles?

Do your customers love solving them?

Then why not utilize customized puzzle packaging for your business?

But the process is intricate, and you should do it carefully. You don't want customers to get bored or annoyed. 


So, first, you should determine the complexity of the puzzle based on the customer preferences. Include a note or small gift within the completed puzzle, revealing a hidden message or the main gift.

Ensure the puzzle engages the customer in an enjoyable and suspenseful unwrapping process. 

Source: marthabrook

You all have heard of fortune cookies. But using it in your packaging can excite people about the product. 

If you want customers to look forward to their package and get excited about it, this is among the best packaging ideas. Include personalized messages or wishes inside fortune cookies.

You can use decorative Chinese takeout boxes or custom-designed boxes.

9. Augmented Reality Packaging

Source: unitear

Augmented Reality is the latest technology through which you can surprise customers. It also shows how technologically advanced your company is, thus giving you a competitive edge. 

You should create AR-enabled packaging. Make packaging with augmented Reality (AR) elements.

So when customers check the packaging, they receive unique AR messages. Position your brand as innovative and tech-savvy through AR-enhanced packaging.

Scanning the invitation triggers an AR experience. Where a 3D countdown clock appears, setting the mood for the celebration.

Not only this, but you can also create a social media buzz. How?

Attendees share snippets of their AR experiences online. They generate pre-event excitement and encourage others to purchase as well.

10. Customized Calendars

What's the one thing people usually buy when next year starts?

It's most often calendars. Every office has this. You can use it to make your customers remember you all year. 


By designing branded calendars. 

Design custom calendars featuring company highlights, products, or services. Tell your customers about discounts or sales they can expect in the year. Moreover, evoke curiosity by telling them about products you'll launch next year. 

But don't just focus on adding information about the exclusive discounts. Ensure the calendar is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

11. Celebration-in-a-Box

Source: dmagazine

On New Year, people want everything from party hats to confetti poppers. What if a brand gives them all as a gift?

Here's a way to do it. 

Make a box and add New Year's essentials. In short, add all the festive accessories to it. But you should ensure it tells about your brand. How can you do it?

Add branded items such as logoed party favors or company-themed decorations.

Add a personalized note expressing gratitude and best wishes for the upcoming year to take it to the next level. That's how you can tell customers that you truly care about them. 

Additional Tips For New Year Packaging

Here are some additional tips from us, especially for businesses that want to reach as many people as possible with their New Year packaging. If you implement these strategies strategically, you can get maximum ROI.

  • Consider Type Of Product You're Packaging: Customize your packaging to the nature of the product. Whether it's a delicate item, a corporate gift, or a personal present. The packaging should align with the contents.
  • Combine Aesthetics With Comfort: Consider the practical storage, transportation, and presentation aspects. Packaging should enhance the overall experience without being overly complicated.
  • Reflecting the Festive Spirit: Experiment with creative designs that capture the essence of the holiday season, creating excitement before the gift is even opened.
  • Match It With Theme Of Brand: For businesses, ensure that the packaging aligns with your brand identity. Consistency in colors, logos, and overall design reinforces brand recognition. For personal gifts, consider the recipient's preferences and the overall theme of the celebration. 
  • Test Unboxing Experience: Before finalizing your New Year packaging, test the unboxing experience. Ensure that the customer can easily open the gift and that the presentation adds to the excitement.

Ending Thoughts

Now, you're ready to win the hearts of your customers with these creative packaging ideas. It doesn't matter what product you're selling. The important thing is incorporating creative ideas for your packaging. 

Take advantage of this New Year and make custom packaging according to your business needs. Make sure to encourage creativity and sustainability in your packaging choices. Combine trends and keep the spirit of celebration alive through thoughtfully designed packages. 

Do you want custom packaging for New Year?

Then you're at the right place. At Altro Labels, we help businesses make custom packaging designs that elevate their business. 

Here's to a New Year filled with beautifully packaged moments and joyous memories.