Dos and Don'ts of Beauty Packaging Design

Dos and Don'ts of Beauty Packaging Design

Another new beauty product in the market? It's the same as thousands of other products. There's nothing special about it. 

That's what your customers think initially. Because they haven't used your product, they have only seen it through advertisements or influencers endorsing it. So what should you do? How can you make your customers excited about your product?

The best way to achieve that is by making your beauty products packaging unforgettable. It's not limited to focusing on aesthetics or colors only. It's about shaping your customer's perceptions so they feel compelled to purchase the product. But brands make many grave mistakes, and because of this, they fail to attract their target audience. 

To save you from this situation, we have created a detailed guide about some of the most important dos and don'ts of beauty packaging designs. It'll help you strengthen your brand presence and connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

So let's get started. 

10 Dos and Don'ts of Beauty Packaging Design

Before designing the packaging of a beauty product, you should know about do's and don'ts. But what if someone ignores these?

Then, they'll not be able to unlock the true potential of their brand. Making a first impression is more important than ever. You can achieve that with packaging, so here are some practices you should remember.

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Here are some of the dos you should remember while making beauty product packaging. 

Make Your Design Hard To Ignore 

Creating captivating visual designs is the first step in taking your beauty product packaging to the next level. Your packaging should be hard to ignore. It shouldn't be about the product alone. Instead, it should tell about your brand identity and what customers can expect from using your product. 

For example, add flower patterns to the package if you're selling flowery fragrances. It creates a visual appeal that's hard to ignore. 

Focus On Practicality And Functionality

Imagine you're using a product, but the packaging makes it hard to open. You're practically wrestling to open the product. It makes customers hate your product. The chances of customers never buying your product become significantly high. So, make your product easy to open, close, and use. 

If you're launching a new lipstick. Ensure that it's easy to open and close. Look at what your competitors are doing and what your target audience hates about these functional lipsticks functionality. Brainstorm ways to resolve it and innovate your product. 

Prioritize Incorporating Eco-friendly Solutions 

Nowadays, customers are becoming extremely conscious about their purchasing decisions. According to a report, customers happily pay higher prices for brand products that adopt eco-friendly practices. You need to implement this approach in your beauty cosmetics packaging as well. 

Take the first step by replacing glass and plastic with eco-friendly packaging. Most of these components are reusable when broken down. 

Always follow the set of rules and regulations provided by the FDA. Do you think it's just to add another fancy checkmark in your brand packaging? Not at all. 

It's more than that. 

It's to show your customers that you truly care about their safety and are trying to make a change. When customers notice brands going above and beyond, they become loyal to the brand. It makes people trust the brand even more. 

You can stay ahead of your competitors by trying new and exciting trends. Suppose you're running a beauty brand for Gen Z. It means you should stay updated about the latest trends. In a nutshell, learn about your customer's likes and dislikes. These may or may not change over time. So it's best to closely monitor these aspects. 


Now, look at some of the don'ts for your beauty product packaging. It helps ensure that your customers love your product.  

Overcomplicating Your Product Packaging 

The design of your product packaging is of great importance. The biggest mistake people often make while doing this is adding many elements. 

Adding too many colors.

Using too many fonts just because they look fancy. 

It makes overall packaging extremely cluttered. It's automatically a big NO from customers, and they don't buy it. Instead, focus on simply conveying critical messages. It not only gets the attention of customers but also drives sales.

Ignoring Brand Consistency 

Consistent branding is one of the crucial aspects of your beauty product packaging. Your packaging should be in a way that makes your brand recognizable. It should speak about your brand. 

That's why you should maintain a cohesive brand identity. Ensure your logo, fonts, and overall product line are the same. 

Compromising Product Safety

Never compromise on the safety of products. You might think that your product looks more appealing without the XYZ thing. But if it is necessary, don't remove it, no matter how good it looks. 

Safety >>> Visual appeal 

Don't use packaging that has a high risk of contamination. Instead, implement solutions that keep your product fresh in the long run.  

Poor Quality Materials

Your product packaging should give a premium feel to the customers. It should make them feel special. Do you think that's achievable with poor-quality packaging materials?

Not at all. 

You should use high-quality and durable packaging to protect products during shipping, storage, and everyday use. Avoid using cheap or flimsy materials that are easy to break. Because using cheap materials indirectly reflects poorly on the brand and product value. 

Ignoring Shelf Appeal

Don't overlook the importance of shelf appeal while designing packaging. Your packaging should be unique and make your product stand out. 

Even if hundreds of products are on the shelf, your packaging should stand out. It should get the attention of customers in the sea of beauty products. Instead of using boring designs that blend in with the crowd, opt for interesting and unique packaging. 

Best Beauty Packaging Designs 

There are several beauty packaging designs. We have compiled some of the best beauty packaging designs that resonate with the customers and share their brand values.


Source: ssilife

Nars is an industry leader in beauty products, always leaving an impression. Its 18-piece collection of lipsticks has a limited edition. It is named after François Nars own mother, Claudette Augustine.

The initial vibe of the brand is dark and moody. Meanwhile, the cosmetic packaging for this product is beautifully paired with its appealing logo and graphic crimson star, heart, and butterfly prints.

At first glance, the packaging looks simple, but overall, it's seductive. The packaging's moody, dark, and mysterious vibe is hard to ignore. 

Milk Makeup

Source: theannaedit

It's a futuristic cosmetic packaging that is bold. The brand uses a bright silver color, which is in most elements of the packaging. It is combined with bold, white sans-serif typography. Most of the designs by Milk are simple yet minimal. 

If you observe closely, you'll notice that all the designs are consistent, from face masks to lipstick. They strategically use clean typography, minimal text, and a white side to create a unique makeup line. 

Fenty Beauty


It's one of the most popular makeup brands because the owner is famous singer Rihanna. Her shiny lipsticks are perfectly enclosed in minimalistic packaging designs. 

But why does their packaging stand out so much?

It's because of clever geometric shapes. Each of these has a story behind it, making you feel connected to the product. The luxury beauty packaging is inclusive yet simple. The elegant yet chic look makes these products a must-have for every beauty lover. 

Tips For Beauty Packaging Designs 

Now that you know about do's and don'ts or product packaging, let's dive deeper. Say goodbye to boring designs that your customers ignore. Here are some tips by experts that'll elevate your beauty product packaging. 

  • Seasonal Variations: Consider creating limited-edition packaging designs for seasonal or special occasions. It creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency among consumers.
  • Local Cultural Influences: Research and incorporate local culture or symbolism elements into your packaging design. It's a must if you're targeting specific regional markets. 
  • Texture and Finish: Incorporate tactile elements such as embossing, debossing, or soft-touch finishes. It creates a sensory experience for consumers. Texture adds depth and luxury to your packaging design.

To Sum Up 

Nowadays, you can use many packaging trends to elevate your beauty packaging designs. Remember that packaging is a powerful tool that leaves a long-lasting impression on your customer. 

So, do you want to captivate your audience?

Use the right packaging. Stay updated about the latest trends, and don't hesitate to experiment. It keeps your packaging designs fresh and relevant because the traditional one-size-fits-all approach is not practical anymore. 

That's why Altro Labels is available to assist you 24/7. Our team of experts is here to assist you in providing precise, personalized packaging solutions. We bring out the hidden potential of your products. So ready to make your product stand out in the competitive beauty market?

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